What is Reboot Nation?

Reboot Nation is a porn addiction and porn-induced sexual dysfunction recovery community.

We help people reboot their brains with encouragement and education. Reboot is a complete rest from artificial sexual stimulation (i.e. pornography).

We are a community of people who have discovered the negative effects of pornography. If you or loved ones struggle with porn addiction and/or porn-induced sexual dysfunctions, this place is for you!

On this site, you will find many resources and information to equip you with the tools necessary to start recovering today and become more aware of the potential harm caused by high-speed internet porn.

This website is connected to our YouTube Channel, where informational and motivational videos are available to help people recover from porn addiction and porn-induced sexual dysfunctions.

Our videos will help give you a basic understanding of how porn can lead to addiction and sexual dysfunctions, offering actionable advice for recovery. We strongly suggest you watch these videos first before proceeding to the rest of the site.

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Gabe Deem

Gabe Deem is an international speaker, writer, and activist for better sex education.


After recovering from porn addiction and a porn-induced sexual dysfunction himself, he has spent years studying the science of addiction, and now runs RebootNation.org, a free, online recovery community to help addicts and their partners overcome problems related to porn use.


Gabe has presented at West Point, and on Capitol Hill to address members of Congress about porn’s impact on youth.


He was featured in a TIME Magazine cover story in 2016, and has shared his story with Rolling Stone, MTV, Netflix, Katie Couric and many others.


No Amount of Porn Can Ever Love You Back

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