What’s up y’all?! My name is Gabe Deem, and I’m on a mission to raise awareness of the potential negative effects of porn.

Why? Growing up I was told that porn would “spice up the bedroom” and increase my sexual pleasure, but it ended up doing the opposite. I eventually got to a place, when I was 23 years old, where I could no longer get an erection without porn. Put simply, porn took from me the one thing I thought it would give me, the ability to experience sexual pleasure. Despite it being the darkest season of my life, I recovered after quitting porn. I want others to know that porn can cause serious health problems and that recovery is possible.

How? I want to do this by 1) creating content that helps those who are screwed up by porn and 2) educating those who are unaware of the negative effects so they don’t become screwed up by porn.

Also, I want to continue to provide a free online recovery community – RebootNation.org – for those recovering from a porn addiction or porn-induced sexual dysfunction and their partners.

With your support, I can dedicate more time and resources to the following:

  • Keep the recovery website up and running smoothly (and free!)¬†
  • Produce educational/motivational videos
  • Create engaging presentations for a wide variety of audiences ranging from students, parents, and professionals¬†

Young people are growing up in a world with tons of porn and no information on how it might negatively affect them. With your help, we can change that.

Much love,